Update Log


Redid "About Me" section! Minor layout changes, edited homepage text, added "Currently Listening To" section on homepage. I intend to update this whenever I feel the need to.


Made a cute lil angel-sona for the homepage!


Added brand new links page, yippee!!!


Remodeled my homepage! Seperate page for links to resource credits and mutuals coming soon!


Major overhaul to the portfolio section. It's much more organized and much cuter now! I still have yet to add to the new Comics and Zines section but that should be up sometime this week if midterms don't completely obliterate me.


Added sketchbook number 3!!!


Added new "Neo-Neighbors" section to the homepage!


Added a guestbook, come say hi!!!


Added Shrines page and a shrine for There Will Be Blood (best movie ever)


Lyn's Perdition now has its very own button! Feel free to link me on ur site!


Added 2014 sketchbook contents.


The old art archive is now open! So far it's pretty minimal, with just a section for sketchbooks, and only my 2013-2014 sketchbook's contents being uploaded. But for each book I'm planning on creating an individualized page that captures the aesthetic of the era of my life I was in at the time. I'll also be including different playlists for each page, so you can listen to what I was probably listening to while drawing. A truly immersive experience!


Added portfolio section!


Added 'Current Projects' section where I talk about my senior thesis animation.


Added 'About Me' section!


Hello, world! Homepage is now live, none of the links work yet.

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I'm Lyn! Welcome to my perdish' or whatever.

This corner of the internet serves as my personal scrapbook. This is where I'll document my current projects, preserve my old artwork, and ramble about my interests. I'm basically just taping and gluing everything from my digital junk drawer onto the pages of this site.

As an artist in the current era, the process of curating a social media presence has gotten somewhat exhausting. I just want to have a place online that's fully mine to share and customize, with no end goal of recognition. Although using this site as a means to interact with other like-minded creatives is a bonus for sure. This place is messy, it's unorganized, and it's perpetually under construction. But my perdition is yours to explore just as much as it is mine to create. I hope you'll find something of interest here.

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