Age: 21

Pronouns: She/Her

Zodiac: Cancer

Likes: Long movies, Pacing around, Sushi, 2000s fashion, Making playlists, Little trinkets (tiny seashells, charms, etc.) Internet rabbit holes, Biblical motifs in narrative media, Video essays, ARGs, Creating a shared vision with other artists, Rollerskating, Autumn, Plaid skirts, Platform shoes, Meeting people who share my sense of humor, Learning about people's OCs, Cats! Bunnies! Bugs!

Dislikes: Loud noises, most musicals (former theatre kid), social media algorithms, being interrupted, NFTs/Crypto, When I'm talking to someone about something vaguely weird and someone else walks in and says "Um, what did I just walk into???," Unprompted trauma-dumping, Hobo Johnson's music.

I'm an animator from the US. I enjoy crafting stories, and exploring the mediums in which narratives can be conveyed. This includes not just animation, but screenplays, songs, and more interactive experiences like websites and visual novels. The internet, video games, and teenage girlhood are all major themes in my work.

I was homeschooled all the way from pre-k to high school, so I had lots of time to draw and craft stories (and be silly on the internet) Do any of you remember Google Plus? It was basically facebook but with more 12 year olds on it. Other websites that shaped my childhood internet experience were Wattpad, Scratch, and Flipnote Hatena. This is also where I first learned to animate.

These days, I'm a senior in college, working on my animation thesis film so I can graduate with a BFA this Spring. I've also been trying my hand at live-action filmmaking recently as well. I've found it to be incredibly similar to animation in some ways, and wildly different in others. But I'm enjoying it thus far.

Some of my other hobbies include singing/songwriting, guitar, making beaded necklaces, journaling, and surfing the world wide web!


aka foolproof ways to start a conversation with me.


There Will Be Blood, The Truman Show, Perfect Blue, On-Gaku, Our Sound, Little Miss Sunshine, Whiplash, American Psycho, The Shining, Requiem For a Dream, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Fablemans, Eighth Grade, Napoleon Dynamite, The Batman, The Virgin Suicides, But I'm a Cheerleader, Her, Brokeback Mountain, The Royal Tenenbaums.


The Virgin Suicides, The Handmaid's Tale, The Outsiders, Uzumaki, Tomie, American Psycho, Snotgirl.


Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Elliot Smith, Samia, Panic! at the Disco, PUP, Peach Pit, Charly Bliss, Nirvana, Marina, Lana del Rey, Pom Pom Squad, Grimes, Lemon Demon, Alex G, Talking Heads, Fiona Apple, Radiohead, Oingo Boingo.

TV Shows:

Moral Orel, Nathan For You, Death Note, South Park, The Simpsons, Erased, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, Parks and Recreation, Fleabag, Over the Garden Wall, Bocchi The Rock.

Video Games:

Portal, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Grand Theft Auto V, The Sims, Doki Doki Literature Club, Danganronpa, Project Diva, Rhythm Heaven, computergirl888 (teehee), Monster Prom, Saint Spell, Spore.