Auroraboros is a short animated film about an adolescent girl and her resentment towards everyone around her. While her rage is often triggered by the actions of others, it affects nobody but herself.The ouroboros is a prominent motif in her story. Taking the form of the class pet snake attempting to eat its own tail, it causes Aurora to confront her own cycle of behavior.

This is my senior thesis film for school! It's going to be about 4 minutes long and will be comprised of 2D hand-drawn animation. It will be primarily digital, with some portions being done with ink and paper.

I wanted the digital portions and the traditional portions of the film to feel different tonally, while still maintaining visual cohesion. So I've added this screentone texture to every shot to tie the whole film together, and also push a more physical, printed look throughout.

Another visual goal I have for this project is to create the illusion of a camera. In the above composition test, I've used whip-pans to show different characters in different places in the same shot, and a handheld shaky-cam effect to emphasize the frantic tone of the scene. It still needs some fine-tuning, but I think this clearly illustrates what I'm going for.

Auroraboros is currently in production and is set to be finished this summer. There's a lot I could say about this project but I'd like to keep this page simple for now. Here's a playlist I made as my inspiration for the film. You can open it in Spotify and listen to it while you browse the artwork below!

Additional Artwork